Bond Reduction

The bond reduction is one of the first opportunities the Mikell Law Firm will have to fight against the allegations that have led to an individual’s incarceration. Our focus is to move quickly before the appropriate court of jurisdiction to address the issue of a fair and reasonable bond. We believe that effective case preparation requires constant contact with our client. Incarceration would make that contact more difficult, so we will take great care and time to get ready for a bond modification hearing.

The court will look at two factors during this hearing. The first is whether a person is considered a flight risk. The second is whether that person is considered a danger to the community. Our goal is to familiarize the court with our client, address the allegations, and persuade the court that a low bond or Personal Recognizance is appropriate.  At the Mikell Law Firm, we will be aggressive to get your loved one out of jail.

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