Computer/Internet Sex Crimes

If you or someone you know has been accused of a Computer or Internet sex crime, no doubt this is an extremely distressing time.  The initial investigation is frightening, and people typically experience feelings of shame, guilt, and fear.  This is potentially tragic, since simply being suspected of committing a computer or Internet sex crime is enough to ruin a person’s life.

Rest assured the firm has handled similar situations.  After speaking with you, Attorney Jason Mikell can immediately begin developing the best strategy for your particular case. He will guide you through the initial period to make sure rational and effective steps are taken toward the ultimate objective: your freedom.

It is important for you know that with cases of this nature in particular, time is of the essence.  Acting decisively to retain an attorney right away can be crucial to obtaining a positive outcome. If you live aare unable to traval to the office, Mr. Mikell will come to your location promptly, usually within twenty-four hours.  While meeting arrangements are being made, the Mikell Law Firm will begin building the case for your defense.

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