Driving Under Suspension

For a variety of reasons, a driver may find themselves without a valid driver’s license. Apart from the reason, the inability to operate a motor vehicle is burdensome, to say the least. For this reason, the firm is routinely asked to assist individuals in their attempts to combat Driving Under Suspension (DUS) charges and to attain the right to obtain a new license. Often these relatively simple requests result in very time-consuming and complex processes as the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and the courts must be involved.

The Mikell Law Firm will pinpoint all issues and obstacles standing in the way of our clients and their licenses. In a difficult and frustrating process, our goal is to ease the burden for our client. Because we recognize the great imposition caused by the lack of a valid driver’s license, we treat Driving Under Suspension and other suspension matters as serious matters that require our full dedication and efforts.

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