Juvenile Offenses

It only takes one bad decision as a teenager to lead to a life of problems. We can represent your teen in court to lessen the impact of a criminal charge. The Mikell Law Firm realizes that one of the most important aspects of representing young people is to rehabilitate rather than punish. After a young person is charged with an offense, it’s extremely important to familiarize the court with a young person’s family support, educational opportunities, and the detrimental effect of juvenile incarceration. Our goal is to keep a young person at home while exploring all available options for rehabilitating.

Our firm will take the time to explain the details of juvenile court proceedings, and guide your family through the entire process. We will remain focused on working with solicitors to reduce charges, and protect your child’s future. If a fair and reasonable resolution cannot be resolved through negotiations with the solicitor, our firm will request a trial. We will contest evidence in dispute and will use all available defenses to achieve reasonable results.

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