Sex Crimes

Rape, sexual assault, unlawful conduct with a minor–accusations such as these not only carry severe penalties, but they can seemingly turn the world against you. Any misdemeanor or felony sex crime conviction will be visible to routine checks by employers, landlords, schools, banks, and insurance companies for the rest of your life. Worse, access to your own children could be limited or even prevented. All accusations of this nature must be addressed quickly and strategically.

Attorney Jason Mikell will go to work immediately to determine the extent of your exposure to punishment, and through early engagement with the prosecution will work to reduce or eliminate the most serious charges against you. Mr. Mikell will do everything possible to avoid an outcome that results in incarceration or branding as a sexual offender.

The Mikell Law Firm understands how to aggressively approach all levels of a case, from pre-indictment resolution to cases requiring jury verdicts. Our experience enables us to assess these cases expeditiously, which often helps our clients reach a resolution even before they have been charged or indicted, and before any information has been exposed to the public.

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