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A DUI conviction can create unexpected and drastic changes in your life. The DUI lawyer at the Mikell Law Firm fully understands that most individuals who are arrested for DUI have not been through the criminal justice system prior. In the matter of moments, individuals who believed they would never be charged and arrested find themselves at the police station, having their finger prints and mug shots taken.

Throughout the greater Mount Pleasant area, dedicated DUI task forces are known to place DUI roadblocks and check points around town. Although the alleged reason for these roadblocks are to check licenses, registrations, and properly working vehicle equipment, police are constantly looking for any reason to charge for a DUI. If you find yourself a victim of a DUI roadblock, our Mount Pleasant DUI lawyer will investigate your case and the legitimacy behind it.

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If you are facing a DUI charge in Mount Pleasant or the surrounding areas, you need an experienced DUI lawyer who knows how to individually fight for you in your case. Whether you know you are innocent, or even if you feel you cannot avoid conviction, contact the Mikell Law Firm today at 843-849-1615 for a free consultation with our Mount Pleasant DUI lawyer.